We are together (Mes kartu)

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We are together

I'm falling because I don't have wings.
You are flying although yours are not real.
I can drown in the rain.
You can rescue me.
Together we would drink this rain.
Me and you, if you would only hear me.
Together we would learn to fly.
Me and you, if you would only see me.
I'm going between strange faces.
You're not looking, you're passing by me.
After all, I can die when I'm going.
And you can make me live.
Together we would sleep this night.
Only if you would find me on time.
Together we would learn to love.
Me and you only if you want.
But actually, I'm not going anywhere.
And you are the same as everyone else.
But for some reason in your eyes.
I don't see myself again.
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Mes kartu

Aš krentu, nes neturiu sparnų.
Tu skrendi, nors tavo netikri.
Aš galiu nuskęsti lietuje.
Tu gali išgelbėti mane.
Mes kartu išgertumėm šį lietų.
Aš ir tu, jei tik mane girdėtum.
Mes kartu išmoktumėm skraidyti.


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