Us, the Balkans (Mi Balkanci)

traduction en anglais

Us, the Balkans

Here is an earthquake, a real rumpus
Stress doesn't exist, only dance with small steps
Song is being sung, diaspora is burning
(People) drink and break, there isn't anyone who doesn't love us
Us, the Balkans, we are not strangers anywhere
Wherever we are, we are champions
Balkan, harmonica, beautiful women, romance
Waiter, fill the table, madness has started
Everyone (is) in kolo (national Serbian dance), waiter on the table
All I have I will give for this music
Whole discotheque is now in coma (state of trance)
Craziness (is) everywhere, harmonica is breaking*
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*playing very good, making them enjoy in music


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Mi Balkanci

Ovdje je zemljotres, pravi urnebes
Ne postoji stres, samo sitan vez
Pjesma se ori, dijaspora gori
Pije se i lomi nema ko nas ne voli
Mi, Balkanci nigdje nismo stranci
Gdje god bili mi smo prvaci


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