mourir d'aimer (Mourir d'aimer)

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mourir d'aimer

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The walls of my life are eaven
I cling to them but I slip
Slowly to my destiny
Die from love
While everyone is judging me
I only see one shelter for me
All exits sealed up for me
Die from love
Die from love
Willingly deep into the night
Pay love at the price of one's life
Sin against the body but not against the soul
Let's leave the world to its problems
Hainous people facing themselves
With their small ideas
Die from love
As our love cannot live
Better to close its book up
Instead of burning it
Die from love
Leave with one's head lifted up
Be victorious in a defeat
Turn all data up side down
Die from love
Die from love
As one might from anything
Leave everything behind
And only carry what was us, what was you
You are spring and I am automn
You heart takes, mine gives
And my track is already beaten
Die from love
Die from love
Die from love
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Mourir d'aimer

Les parois de ma vie sont lisses
Je m'y accroche mais je glisse
Lentement vers ma destinée
Mourir d'aimer
Tandis que le monde me juge
Je ne vois pour moi qu'un refuge
Toute issue m'étant condamnée


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Thanks for everything he dose: the way he loves us and sings his nice chansons.