Let a kiss draw your lips (Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice)

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Let a kiss draw your lips

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You are three days away. Alone.
Three days are very far away.
Outside there is morning waiting for me.
Now I don't dare to dream alone.
You know, I'm drawing your face right now.
With my fingers on a wet windowpane.
You're revealing roofs with your hair.
Maybe Zagreb? Maybe Trieste?
Let a kiss draw your lips!
Like a velvet.
Let a vampire wake up a gypsy girl!
Bite into them!
Let a kiss draw your lips!
First rays of sun spread over cheeks,
they wake up frozen chimneys.
Sad ships, hidden
among long grey streets.
Should you have your eyes open?
I want to hear again what kind of person you are!
Your eyelids are full of stars
you're still waiting for swallows.
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Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice

Tri dni si daleč. Sama.
Tri dni je strašno daleč stran.
Jutro me čaka zunaj.
Zdaj več ne upam sanjat sam.


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