How Did You Learn To Forget? (Nasıl Öğrendin Unutmayı)

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How Did You Learn To Forget?

I realized that our whole story was a blank cartridge
It didn't kill, was that your best shot?
This time, the carefully selected words you spoke didn't hurt
I said, "no, not now."
Sometimes, one should cry without wearing out any word
You know, out of the blue, you know, without a reason.
Love has names that are spoken in one's sleep, then surely forgetten
But I said, "no, not now."
I always brewed loneliness in my palms
What can I do when nobody holds my hand?
Tell me, how did you learn to forget?
Every pain piled up in me, there is no room left for myself
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Nasıl Öğrendin Unutmayı

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