Not ready yet (Noch nicht soweit)

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Not ready yet

Not ready yet
Your place remains empty now
I don't find you anymore
And this will be for ever now
Every picture of you
Becomes a colorful peace of paper
Memories is all that remains
I often think of it
Feeling your hand lying in mine
Then you unhand and go away
You turn around once
And look at me
as if it would be the last time
I'm not ready yet, give me some time
To understaand all of it, there's so much left to see
So much can still happen
You can't ... you can't go away now
A thousand times goodbye, a thousand times it hurts
Every day, every long hour
How long is it ago now
I don't know anymore
It feels like forever ... alone
I think of it so much and feel your hand lying in mine
You unhand and go away, turning around once
And look at me
For the very last time
You can't ... you can't go away now
I'm not ready yet
Give me some time
This just must not happen, I can't understand it all
Can't see a reason, cou can't ... you can't go away now..
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Noch nicht soweit

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