MACH Y DADDY (Mach Y Daddy)

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I find myself sad tonight
in this small bar
trying to drown in liquor my sorrows
I think I found the way to forget her
sip and sip
drink and drink
sip and sip
Bartender another tequila because I
want to get intoxicated
to at least tonight
be able to forget her
I realized that the only way
to forget her is
a shot of rum...
if that's what it is, bartender, then, run
and give me a shot of rum...
and once and again
y una vez yeahh
a shot of rum....
to forget her be able to
remove her from my being...
Cantinero otra tequila que me
quiero emborrachar
pa' porlo menos esta noche
poderla olvidar
(2 veces) (2 times)
I want to stay unconscious
forever to forget you
I want to stay unconscious
forever and not remember you...
I am tired of the mistreatment
you have given my heart
which is why I seek refuge in alcohol and I
keep drinking and drinking
until I get intoxicated
And if I forget her just tonight,
tomorrow I will remember her
I will drink again
to forget her
erase her, remove her from my being.
I want to get intoxicated
with your mouth only
you have destroyed me, don't act like you
don't know; that shape of your body that
entices so much; it doesn't fit inside of me because
my world is exploding
no, because you don't have a life
have a drink, I want to undress you
take your clothes off, I want to tell you I love you
and ask if you can tell ...
Publié par bedroomeyes le Ven, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Mach Y Daddy

Me encuentro en esta noche triste
en este simple bar
tratando de mis penas en el licor ahogar
Creo que descubri la forma de poderla olvidar
beber y beber
tomar y tomar
beber y beber


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