When you are cheating


Kad varas ti


Nisam te tu noc varao
bio sam s njom, ali nisam ljubio
tekle su rijeci, to priznajem
i nista vise, kunem se
tekle su bas k'o godine
ne lomi me

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Kad varas ti, to prolazi
a kad ljubim ja, to ne valja
sta sam ti u zivotu, reci mi

Nisam joj krio da sam tvoj
to vec znala je od ranije
samo je tiho priznala
da vec dugo prati nas
za svaku tajnu nasu zna
to nije kraj

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When you are cheating

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I didn't cheat on you tonight
I was with her, but I didn't kiss (love)
there were words dripping (spoken), I admit that
but nothing more, I swear
they were dripping exactly like the years

When you are cheating, that passes away
while when I love, that isn't ok
what am I in your life(what do I mean for you), tell me

I didn't hide from her that I'm yours
she already knew that since before
just she admitted silently
that she is following us for a long time
that she knows for every secret of ours
that is not an end

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