and today still the cherry tree smells (Još i danas zamiriši trešnja)

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and today still the cherry tree smells

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and today still the cherry tree smells
in the spring like long time before
one cherry tree, days far away (from long ago)
there where I am not anymore
I said when I had to go:
take my house and field
only leave the old cherry tree
when I come back to see it alive
what is that in the people sadness
to get in someone else's lives
who is living in my past
and still haven't died from shame
I said I spoke to the wind
there was nobody to hear me
not everyone loves beautiful song
and some throw a stone on a nightingale
It's not a sky this what they are offering to you
it's not the sun from gold and power
when they could, they would sell God
No one can help them
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Još i danas zamiriši trešnja

Još i danas zamiriše trešnja
u proljeće kao davno prije.
Jedna trešnja danima daleko,
tamo gdje me već odavno nije.
Rekao sam kad poći sam mor'o
uzmite mi i kuću i njivu.
Samo trešnju ostavite staru,


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