khodaya, khodaya
khodaya, toye in donyaye bozorget
posidim ke
mikhastim, mikhastim
mikhastim mesle in rozo nabinim
ke didim ke
naze on, balaye on
hasrate del, azabe alam
har chi bayad hame tak tak bekeshan
ma keshidim ke
zendegi migan baraye zendehast
ama... khodaya
bas ke ma donbale zendegi davidim
boridim ke

vay bar ma, vay bar ma
khabar az lahzeye parvaz nadashtim
ta mikhastim labe ma'shogho bebosim
paridim ke

zendegi ghesseye talkhist
ke az aghazash
bas ke azorde shodam
chashm be payan daram

chashmi be ham zadim o donya guzasht
dunbale ham emruzo farda gozasht
del mige baz farda ro az no besaz
ey dele ghafel!
dige az ma gozasht

Try to align


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o God, o God
o God, in your big world
we decaied
we wanted, we wanted
we didn't want see this day(1)
but we saw
(we saw) world's mincing, world's calamity
(we saw) heart's regret, world's torture
all pains in this world
we suffered by those
(every one) say life is for the livings
but... o God
we followed life hardly
(now) we are tired anymore

woe is us! woe is us!
we didn'nt know the time of flying (dieing)(2)
till we wanted kiss our dears/lovers lip
we flyed(we died)

life is a bitter story
which from its start
as much as it bored me
that i'm waiting for The End of life (waiting for die)

the life pasted really quickly(3)
days after days were past
the heart says make your future anew(4)
o negligent heart!
it's too late for us(5)

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