Your jealousy [ I Zileia Sou (Η ζήλεια σου) ]

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Your jealousy

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give me a glance of yours
save me from your lie
kiss me in your blood (don't have any idea what this could possibly mean)
and don't waste me away
About my past
don't you ask
I don't exist
unless you love me
your jealousy
your lips
make me go off
and they get me back again
that's why I will drink
and I will get lost
in your flame
I will get burned
your jealousy
your lips
make me go off
and I don't caer about the out come
for you I
this night
will get burned
get me into your night
to whatever you have missed
tie me to your nets
and dont' waste me away
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I Zileia Sou (Η ζήλεια σου)

Δώσε μου ένα βλέμμα σου
σώσε με απ' το ψέμα σου
φίλα με στο αίμα σου
και μη με σκορπάς


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