Öö on kuum

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Öö on kuum

When the night has come, there is nothing to do
Something lives inside me, the body needs moving
I need to find a place, where i could show myself off
The best place for it must be some night club
Some weirdo sneaks up on me at once
Can't get rid of him, he's like a tar on my shoe
He promises to buy me drinks, and pay lots of money
„Your talk is boring me, get lost, old man!“
The night is so hot and people demand more action
Give some more, give some more, give some f****ing more
We never get tired, we just claps our hands.
Night is so hot and DJ does all he can
Play some more, play some more, play some f***ing more
Don't end our party, DJ, never put the brakes on.
This DJ is a most wonderful fellow
He whispers in my ear that he needs me
The DJ-s are class of their own
This man is more serious, than some mediocre guy
From somewhere swims out guru* and talks trash to me
Roosileht and Rannamäe are together hand in hand
There comes Soo and Priit and some weird gay man
I don't get it, where Kivikas was taken to?
And then Kruusmann and Parts and Havi – that evil fish**
Nobody betrays and nobody talks lies
In awe of Härra and ratty Heiki, Arnoga
There are many good DJs in our little Estonia
You can't even count them all together
The night is so hot and people demand more action...
Night is so hot and DJ does all he can...
Publié par lollipop le Ven, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

*I suspect, that it is not "guru", but some Estonian DJ-name there, maybe Karu?
**Havi is a pike-fish in Estonian
***Those Roosileht and Rannamäe and Havi and all other names are names of Estonian DJs


Öö on kuum

Siis kui öö on käes, pole midagi teha
Miski elab mu sees, tahab liigutamist keha
Tuleks otsida koht, kus ma näidata end saaks
Selleks sobivaim pleiss on ehk mõni nightclub
Miski veider kuju hiilib kohe ligi
Ei saa lahti tast, on kui kinga küljes pigi
Lubab jooki välja teha, lubab maksta palju raha
On Su jutuke üksluine, tõmba jeehat Vanemuine.