The curse of our forefathers (Părinteasca dimândare)

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The curse of our forefathers

The curse of our forefathers
Commands us fiercley,
Brothers of the same mother and father,
We, aromanians from any period of time.
From under the tombstones
Our good parents are shouting:
"May the household of the one who
Forsakes his language be cursed forever.
May the tongue of the one who
Forsakes his language be burned by fire,
May he struggle all his life
And his tongue be crisped by fire.
May he not be blessed in his home
With the joy of having a family,
May he not know that kind of joy
And may he not be blessed with offsprings.
May the one who runs from his mother,
And from his parents name,
Be left without the love of God
And the sweetness of his sleep!"
Publié par adysanu le Ven, 30/05/2014 - 02:07
Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

Harsh words for the aromanians from Greeks who declare themselfs as greeks and have forsaked their aromanian language.

roumain (aroumain)

Părinteasca dimândare

Părinteasca dimândare
Nă sprigiură cu foc mare,
Fraț di mumă și di-un tată,
Noi, Armâni di eta toată.
Di sum plocili di murmințî
Strigă-a noșțî buni părințî:
„Blăstem mari s-aibă-n casă


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