Alvinsch - Poco a poco (traduction en anglais)


Poco a poco

Tomábamos en el parque
cuando dedicabas tu primer canción
y, poco a poco, olvidaste
ese momento que te definió.
Todavía te la sabes,
pero ahora el significado cambió
y, poco a poco, notaste
que regamos sangre que ya se secó.
Vuelvo a mirar y ahí está
Vuelvo a mirar y ahí está.
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Editor's comment:
Aunque el artista dice "tu primer canción", debería ser "tu primera canción".

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traduction en anglais

Bit by bit

We were drinking in the park
when you dedicated your first song
and, bit by bit, you forgot
that moment which defined you
You still know how it goes,
but its meaning has now changed
And, bit by bit, you realized
that we shed blood that has already dried
And, when I look back again, it's there
When I look back again, it's still there
I hope this was helpful! Any corrections are truly appreciated.
These translations are made with love and care, so it'd be great if you credited me whenever you repost them somewhere else!
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