Full Moon [ Polnaya Luna (Полная Луна) ]

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Full Moon

Look, you will remember my look
My eyes will melt you. Somebody has said
That you will revive and fly
I'm waiting but you are silent
Do you believe? - Don't, I will believe you
I'm going to bright dream
I tear masks away but inside of me
The heart is beating
Full moon will find you
And I think it won't be able
To lose you - because there are a few of
Men like I am. The song that wind sings along with you
Turn back - I love you
But maybe I don't, it's not for sure
I wish life is this way
I don't want play in love. You should know that I'm waiting for a miracle
Maybe it's only for me
I'm hiding somewhere, throw away my thoughts
I'm going in place where light is forever, where are you?
I'll touch you like in a dream
You should know I won't come back to you
You don't want to believe me
It' bad
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Polnaya Luna (Полная Луна)

Взгляд, ты будешь помнить взгляд мой в глаза
Тебя растопит, кто бы сказал
Вернёшься к жизни и полетишь, жду я
Но ты молчишь, как веришь небу?
Верю тебе, иду на встречу к яркой мечте
Срываю маски, только внутри
Сердце бьётся


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