Hurry up, my horses (Požurite, konji moji)

Hurry up, my horses

It's midnight, my mother
And I can't sleep
Where are my horses now
My two eyes

I'll calk them with gold
I'll gild everything
Just so they can take me
To her before dawn

It's long way
Hurry up, my horses
It's long way
Faster, more faster
Oh, faster
Rush through night

And don't curse, my old mother,
Don't curse because I have no sleep
And don't curse my horses
My two eyes

You know that when I think about
All the sweet cuddling
I don't look if it's midnight
Or sun shines


Publié par zhabba le Sam, 31/12/2011 - 19:58

Požurite, konji moji

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