What Do You Want

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What Do You Want

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They cross paths every day
Like a couple in love
She smiles at him slightly
With a heap of ulterior motives

Always looks where he goes, what he does
In her rear view mirror, but she never dared
One morning when she doesn't see him, she gets worried
As if he belonged in her thoughts
She never would have even lowered her window
He didn't even realize it, he was so foolish

What do you want, I'm crazy about you
My heart stops beating when I see you
You're handsome, you're tall, you're fascinating
You have horses, ponies, let's have babies
What way out do you see for me
My body stops moving when I see you
You're hot like a glove around my fingers
And your fiery eyes are so cold

Not even a simple nod
Like a shy teenager at a party
"I really love your style, the way you dress"
I'm not sure that this first sentence would be clever

I'd really love to say to you "I love you" without consonant or vowel
Things would happen by themselves, I have the flame and the laziness
Tell me you're as strong as this black stallion beside this oak


Charismatic, beautiful blue jeans
Four-leaf clovers under galloping horses
This man who stings, his equestrian force
Touched my heart with his plaid shirt

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Baby_girl did a good basic translation; I corrected some errors.

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