Antonello Venditti - Ricordati di me (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Ricordati di me

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Remember me,[if] tonight you have nothing better to do,
And all the city is flooded by the temporal
There's no sex,there's no love,there's no tenderness in my heart
Does it happen to you also,to think that beyond the sea
there's another city where people already know how to fly?
And there's no sex without the love
There's no cheat and no pain,and the soul fly so easy
It will be what is suppose to be,this life is just a highway
That will take me to the end of this day
And I am nothing without love,you are my regret and my pain
As time it consumes
Do you know or not,that to me your the only one
Call me when you want,its enough one gesture,one word
Because You know there's no sex without love,
its [so] hard the law in my heart
Because I am a rebel soul
Remember me,[remember] of my skin,remember of you
How you use to be before
Time slowly consumes you
Remember me,when you laugh,when you are alone
Trust me,this life and this time fly's away
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Ricordati di me

Gulalys    Mar, 19/09/2017 - 22:58

This is not the translation of this song, please delete it !

Alma Barroca    Mar, 19/09/2017 - 23:40

Hi, thanks for letting us know.

But it would be better if we knew the original, correct song, so we would move the translation into its entry.

Alma Barroca    Mar, 19/09/2017 - 23:58

Must have been the result of some wrong merging around. I'll list all these translations and will unmerge them asap.