March 9th [ Sangatsu Kokonoka (3月9日) ]


Sangatsu Kokonoka (3月9日)


3月の風に 想いをのせて

溢れ出す 光の粒が
少し照れてる あなたの横で

新たな世界の 入り口に立ち
気づいたことは 一人じゃないってこと

瞳を閉じれば あなたが
まぶたの裏に いることで
あなたにとって私も そうでありたい

砂ぼこり運ぶ つむじ風
なんだかきれいで 見とれました

上手くはいかぬことも あるけれど
天を仰げば それさえ小さくて

羊雲は 静かに揺ゆれる
分かち合えるのであれば それは幸せ

この先も 隣で

瞳を閉じれば あなたが
あなたにとって私も そうでありたい

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March 9th

In the direct middle of the flowing season
I suddenly think of the length of the day
In the midst of these busy days
I draw a dream of you and me

Sending (my) thoughts on the March breeze
The Sakura blossoms will take us to spring

Tiny dots of light overflow our way
Bit by bit warming up the morning
After a huge yawn
I blush a bit, laying by your side

Standing at the entrance of a new world
The thing I realised is I'm not alone

If I close my eyes
You're still there on the other side (of my eyelids)
I wonder how strong you've become
And I want to be that same way to you

The windstorm that sweeps up the sand
And knots up all the hanging laundry
The white moon in the morning sky
Is somehow nice, it had me hypnotised

Things can always go wrong, but
If you look at the sky, it seems so small

The blue sky always seems so well-put-together
The puffy pillow-clouds are moving along
As long as we all share the joy of waiting for the flowers to bloom, it'll be fine.

From here on, side by side
With a gentle smile

If I close my eyes
You're still there on the other side
I wonder how strong you've become
And I want to be that same way to you

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Well, as I always said, translating poetic works is hard, and this is not the best translation ever. I wasn't sure if you wanted more literal or more localised version, but this I hope it helps.

As over a decade has gotten me out of practise of reading Japanese, I use WWJDIC for any characters I forget.
It gives the kana of the words with a character you paste to search it.

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