Seven Saturdays (Sedam Subota)

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Seven Saturdays

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I live fast,I kiss fast,I drink fast
I never come back twice at the same place
people ask what is wrong with you,are you normal
this life passes quickly, I know it well
There is no thing I haven't tried
on thin lines always walked fast
many times with the devil gambled
but with an angel on shoulder I fell asleep
Seven Saturdays is the number
weekly to be myself
regular dose is that
seven saturdays weekly
I enjoy because every day is worth day
every morning for that night i make a new plan
that's how it is constantly all week
It's not good,It's not better its just the best
I drive fast,think fast,conquer fast
everything I can do tomorrow I finish today
what has been,what will happen I don't think
this life passes quickly, I know it well
Each point of this world I already stepped
from million walls I broke my head
but I'm not sorry for anything
and God never gave on me
Is it true that's not healthy
that life is a disease
however I dont listen to them just straight ahead
let me fall unconscious
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Sedam Subota

Brzo zivim, brzo ljubim, brzo ispijam
dvaput se na isto mesto nikad ne vracam
ljudi kazu sta je tebi, da l' si normalan
ovaj zivot brzo prodje, ja to dobro znam
Ma nema stvari koju nisam probao
po tankim linijama uvek brzo hodao
mnogo puta s djavolom se kockao


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