Young BOSS )) (Sheikh El Shabab | شيخ الشباب)

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Young BOSS ))

How self confident and what a brave heart he has!
From his beauty my heart is melted and ripened
It was a story of a crush and now it is about love and torment
It turns out that this young boy, his love sears
As if he knows me and he feels how much I long for him
I ask myself, why would he ask me? What does he represent for me?
I thought he is crazy, I didn't expect him to be
My beloved one and my other half, that I'll love madly
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Sheikh El Shabab | شيخ الشباب

شو واثق بحاله شو قلبه قوى
وقلبى من جماله دايب مستوى
كانت …. صارت…..
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