Then When The Day Comes (Siis kui saabub päev)


Siis kui saabub päev

Taeva luugid kinni pandi
Vihmast märg on maa
Jaanipäevast möödas nädal
Pargis hulgun taas
Suveõhtu sumesoe
Äkki valgeks lõi
Veidi eemal puhkes õide
Sõnajala õis
Tulevalgel mida ainult
Mina näha sain
Seisime me kahekesi
Ümber vaikus aind
Hinges toover magus valu
Sest et täpselt teadsin
Enne veel kui käes on hommik
Lahkuma sa peadki
Siis kui saabub päev
Tõusen taevasse kui lind
Ainult pilvepiir mulle
Meenutamas sind
Siis kui saabub päev
Lendan minema siit
Sinu aeg on käes
Enne kella viit
Eile õhtul mitukümmend
Koos sai aega veetud
Ilusamad suvehetked
Kõik sai maha peetud
Eha kumas ilmusid
Ent koidu kumas taas
Mu käte vahelt kadud
Ning jälle hall on maas
Läbi koidukuma uduseina ma
Läbi kastemärja rohu tuled sa
Kohtuvad me käed siis kõik on hea
Lahkud taas
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traduction en anglais

Then When The Day Comes

The sky's shutters were closed
The land is wet from rain
On the week of Midsummer Day*
I drift along in the park again
A hazy, warm summer evening
Maybe it made the blossoms white
Resting a short distance away
A fern blossom
What I could see
Only in the firelight
We stood face to face
The silence surrounding us
Sweet pain in my soul
Because I knew exactly
Before morning is at hand again
You'll need to leave
Then when the day comes
I go up in the sky like a bird
Only a border of clouds for me
Reminding (me) of you
Then when the day comes
I fly away from here
Your time is at hand
Before the clock's exit sign
In the morning
Last night...*
With the time that was left
Beautiful summer moments
Able to make everything festive
The glow of sunset appeared
Yet in the glow of dawn once more
You disappear from my arms
And again the earth is grey
I'm like a fog through the glow of dawn
In the morning
You come through the dewy grass
In the morning
Our arms meet, then everything is good
In the morning
Leaving again
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

*Estonian Holiday
*toover = I don't know what this word means, or if it's the wrong word.
*mitukümmend = many tens? several tens? what does it mean?