Room 22 (Soba 22)

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Room 22

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Give me yourself untill the morning
Wear me out, kiss me everywhere
Room 22 is where I'll be waiting for you
Embrace me, tell me a false name
Without intimacy, this is a one night stand
Nothing personal, nor similar to a relationship
Generously show me your talent
Feel my warm lips
My chest wants me to remember you tonight
Let me burn, burn down
Let me struggle with myself at the end
Tons of alcohol, a bit of hormones
The room is perfect
I'm yours, you know I'm yours
You have to know it
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Soba 22

Pokloni mi sebe do jutra
potrosi me, ljubi me svuda
soba 22, tamo cekam te ja
Zagrli me, slazi ime
bez intime, ovo je sema za noc
nista licno, vezi slicno
nesebicno talenat pokazi mi svoj


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