Promise (Söz)

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When the color of the leaf turns into yellow,
It knows that it is soon it will fall.
What can it gain when it's cross with its branch,
There is no remedy for separation.
I'm used to fall but,
The heart again wants to hang on.
If it can hold on to its winds,
It challenges its dark winter and the destiny.
I'm used to come to end but,
The heart again wants to hang on.
If it can undress for its rains,
It again loves you head over heels.
Hold my hand hug me tight
We are doing better next to each other
If only you trust me and I pass this winter
I promise, we will be better in the spring.
(Note: Winter refers to hard or unhappy times and spring refers to happy times, we use this expression especially when we fall in love, new love bring the spring to us)
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