Type of Hero [ Sort Geroina (Сорт Героина) ]

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Type of Hero

"Back then, I rarely ever thought about death,
But giving your life for a loved one isn't a terrible death."
-Bella Swan, "Twilight".
Monochromatic tones, like a bright life
Dims with our every move
Of our limitless thoughts
Love can be different
It has no boundaries
This bliss that replaces Eden's Garden.
It is honestly beautiful and perfectly pure
Like all [love], but it's still one in a million*,
And in reality, hell isn't much different,
And knowing who might know
What fate awaits!
Palefaced with fangs of spawned misery,
With its instincts it signed a testament
To place on the meat of humans
A cross**, and for love there is no room!
How famously life changes the strength of happenings
And a ray of sun scatters my clouds
It doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter if you have a heart or not
Fluff or garden, it doesn't matter if she's an angel or not!
CHORUS: (2x)
Whether you're an ordinary person or
A bloodthirsty vampire
There are no regulations for love
How the world is wonderful
In the twilight of wisdom,
Head forward against fate
And cannot find the light
Being always in the night
Your aroma, exhaling moonlight air
Inhale this love and exhale prose
It's simple, no need for answers to questions
And this love is impossible, like a black rose
His manner is like temp
His voice, his hair,
His eyes and hair
To hell with everyone who didn't go to hell
Rather than condemn her as evil,
It's better to burn in hell
Use in food
It's better to die of starvation
Loneliness causes more painful wounds
And gold doesn't mean anything
Only him and you
Only you cause misfortune to yourself
These are his dreams
You are his personal type of hero
Like a heroine in films
You are not important to nobody
Other sweet ladies
In this melodrama
Only you and him are the walls of your temple!
CHORUS (2x):
Water is not important at all
Quenches the thirst or blood
It is important right now
Love drives the heart
You get lost
The demons of the superhero
Do not talk at all
About the fact that I am something
I am standing
I was made to kill
I am unworthy of the world
Why does this world have
Such anti-growths?
Fright in your eyes
You are afraid of me
You fell for a ruthless sheep
You being a lion
I don't need anything
I will just be by your side
Your love boils
Poison in my heart
Where haven't you been?
I will stay very close
You're my adrenaline and I can't get enough of risk
You're my overdose, my goddess and for
Beautiful love, reasons are not needed
Fate is not reversible, independent
You are my narcotic and my personal type of hero!
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

This was a pretty difficult song to try to translate. Please feel free to suggest edits- they would be greatly appreciated!!

*In Russian, the equivalent of that idiom is "один/одна из ста", which means "one in a hundred", which would be the correct translation. However, using the English idiom makes more sense with the translation, so I used that one.
**Although in Russian the word крест is widely used to indicate the Holy Cross or crucifix, but in this context, it wouldn't be very appropriate. I assume that the song implies more of a forceful mark.


Sort Geroina (Сорт Героина)

Раньше я мало думала о смерти,
но отдать жизнь за любимого человека не худшая
- Белла Свон, Сумерки.


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