Part of me (Teil von mir)

Part of me

We face each other
And you ask how it goes on
Do we want to talk about love
What do you think about when you speak about it

About candlelight and a moon which shines
Light, gentle and beautiful
A laughter and about happiness
And about walking hand in hand

Or about strokes, bruises
Bursted lips and temples
Do you think about heaven or hell
About flying or floor-creeping

A part of me
Forever remains inside of you
And a part of you
Forever resides in me

I am a your misstep and your mistake
I am the one with the bad reputation and
All the empty promises
Which were already in the past always lies because

I am the thing that remains
The stone in your shoe
I am all the bitterness
Which so often haunts you

I am disappointment and past
All the dreams which haven't come true
The smell on your beautiful skin
Which you can't wash off because
Ich bin Enttäuschung und Vergangenheit
All die nicht gelebten Träume

A part of me
Forever remains inside of you

It's such a hard floor
On which we have landed
Will we repeat our relationship
Have we deserved each other?

Publié par Steena le Dim, 01/11/2009 - 08:38
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Teil von mir

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