I'm having a hard time forgetting you (Tesko te zaboravljam)

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I'm having a hard time forgetting you

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I’m going home
To lock my heart away with a key
Because a wrong word at the wrong time
Should always be prevented
It’s not a secret that I’m being easy on you
That I always skip a verse
This shows that it’s worthless
Counting on you
I’m having a hard time forgetting you
And when it comes to me, I clench my teeth
I go over the same story
And let memories take me away
And then I’m yours again
And everything stays the same
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Love it...just as I do



Tesko te zaboravljam

Sad idem kuci iz ovih stopa
Da stavim srce pod kljuc
Jer krivoj rici u krivo doba
Treba joj stati na put


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