There are angels (There are angels/ Има ангели)

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There are angels

There are angels
poetry Qsen Vedrin/ Stephan Glavchev
Musuc Edward Simoni - Pan Traume
There are ngels. Allways they came down to us.
And the heart it saw them if see inn hard...
They flip with they white winds
and love can't die with them.
There are white angels in the miidle of the salty watters
They are milde with the soft winds...
They split us together, when we are separated by evil doing,
and...made us as innocent, as a small child.
There are angels. The eyes are blid, but they open their eyess from the breeze of the white wings.
And... the lips kisses, angry until yesterday, and... they touch the faces, full of forgiveness.
There are angels in the darcness of our relationships.
They saw our pain. They hear our calling.
And after a second they spring over us the blessed drops
of the wonderful sea of Love.
There are angels. You are from them. Blessed. Full of fire and power from adventures.
To bring together where separation
is stole our fire from life...
White angels! There are! I know them!
they going, carrying flowers.
And...after them, very soft and beautiful,
from the paradise, comming She-the Love!
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There are angels/ Има ангели

Стихове - Ясен Ведрин /Стефан Главчев/
Музика - Edward Simoni - Pan Traume
Има ангели. Всякога слизат отгоре.
И сърцето ги вижда, ако силно се взре.
Те размахват крилата си бели в простора
и не може със тях Любовта да умре.


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