But you chose him


A ti si izabrala njega

Nije on vredan da pored tebe
bude ni pet minuta
njemu su zene bile i bice
stanice pored puta
njemu su strani svi tvoji jadi
on uvek negde luta

A mogla si da imas me
sa mnom da zivis najbolje
zbog tebe bih otopio
i planinu od snega

A mogla si da carujes
u ljubav jos da verujes
a ti si k'o i ostale
izabrala njega

Nema on snage da radi tebe
uradi prave stvari
on uvek samo misli na sebe
a tebi radost kvari
sa njim su dani k'o so na rani
za ljubav on ne mari

Try to align

But you chose him

He's doesn't deserve to be beside you
not even for five minutes
to him women were and will be
a busstop next to the road
all your worries are unfamiliar to him
he always wanders somewhere

But you could've chosen me
lived a better life with me
I'd even melt down the snow off
of the mountains for you

But you could've reigned
and still believed in love
but just like other women
you chose him

He doesn't have the strength
to do the right things because of you
he always thinks of himself
and ruins your joy
days spent with him are like salt on a wound
he doesn't care about love


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