Without you (plural) [ Utan er ]

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Without you (plural)

I am sorry
That it became like this
Trying to hold out
And resist
The woods' light
Everything disappeared
Now it's a crisis
I want to be whole again
I am hard working
I am poorly paid
I am the revolver against my temple
I am my heart in pieces
I am alone in the woods
I am everything
I am everything that fights back
I am the only one you know
who has the spark of life left
A crystal
In the corner of my eye*
Lights up
And lifts me
Is it you
You who is holding me
I fall into tears
You were a dream
I am hard working
I am poorly paid
I am the demons in the mirror
I am divorced parents
I am the panic in your chest
I am the sand in a glass
I am the electrodes in your forehead
I am the feature of a town
But I'm nothing
Without you (plural)
I'm nothing
Without you (plural)
Can you (plural) hear me?
I'll never be done with this
I am the shaman's hit on the drum
I am a deep breath
I am the water source
I am the spring's dew
I am the hand on the fence
I am the running of the legs
I am the last left in the world
But love is always my answer
Because I am nothing
Without you (plural)
I am nothing
Without you (plural)
And you can see the waves in the water and they are certainly beautiful
In the reflections of the waves and me in the night
I am obsessed, I need to know that there will be something
Where am I?
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

*This part is pretty vague as to whose eye it is, probably would be clearer to a native speaker.


Utan er

Jag är ledsen
Att det blev såhär
Försöker hålla ut
Och stå emot
Skogens ljus
Allt försvann
Nu är det kris