All the flowers of the world (Vse rože sveta)


Vse rože sveta

Strel samo za pozdrav
In za zlovo je planil v noč
Sredi trav pokopan tu leži
Kjer je pal brez besede na ustih
Jaz pa čakam pomladi
Slutim nežne dlani moje drage
Čutim božanje las in besedi dve
Brez besed, sredi trav
Ko pomlad je tu
Zakaj me ta beseda trobente spominja na tiste
Ki nimajo na ustih pravih besed?
Le zakaj vse te rože
Sredi polja leže in trohnijo?
Da bi vsi ti ljudje
Zaslutili čas
In pomlad, ki za vse
Je enkrat samo
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traduction en anglais

All the flowers of the world

Only a shot for greeting
And for farewell he disappeared into the night
In the middle of the grass field he is resting
Where he died without a word on his lips
And I'm waiting for spring
I feel the soft hands of my darling
I feel her fondling of my hair and two words
Without words, in the middle of the grass field
When spring is here
Why does this word of trumpet remind me of those people
Who don't have right words on their lips?
Why is it that all these flowers
lie and rot in the middle of the field?
So that all those people
would feel time
And spring, that for every being
Happens only once in a lifetime
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Commentaires de l’auteur(e) :

This text is hard to decode even in my native language, so I'm not 100% sure if the word "samo" (only) in the first line refers to "shot" or to "greeting". Another dilemma is the word "vse" in the penultimate line. It can mean everything and/or everybody. The author might have had both flowers and people in his mind, and not just people.

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