We are the people (Wir sind das Volk)

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We are the people

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We will be born
We go to school
We find work
And wait for death
We are the people!
We hear.
We believe.
We chose.
We are disappointed.
We are the people!
We live in clean houses
We are known for cleanliness
In our clean cities
Yes, we are a clean country
We can build the best fences
We are always good with wires
Always 110%
And so accurate at it
We are the people!
Publié par Steena le Ven, 19/02/2010 - 08:48

Wir sind das Volk

Wir werden geboren.
Wir gehen zur Schule.
Wir finden Arbeit.
Und warten auf den Tod.


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