Christmas [ Hristouyena (Χριστούγεννα) ]

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My darling from Monday to Monday
months now, day and night
I think of you and I'm going crazy
My darling time flows like water
and it can't come back
everything we live is unique
So don't delay and come close to me
don't let me be alone anymore
Christmas is about to come
and I'm in tears
that I can't be wth you
I see Santa Claus smiling at me
and your absense hurts twice
Christmas came again but you are still away from me
I wish i could have you by my side, in my arms
Yes it was Christmas again but you are still away from me
There's only you baby in my mind
in my heart
Christmas, Merry Christmas
They can't be, they can't be without you
Christmas, Merry Christmas
They can't be my darling without you
I'm walking down the streets alone and I'm staring
i see people and i get jealous
who seem to be full of joy
Couples, hand in hand
seated on the benches
loneliness hurts too much tonight.
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Hristouyena (Χριστούγεννα)

Καρδιά μου από Δευτέρα σε Δευτέρα
μήνες τώρα νύχτα μέρα
σε σκέφτομαι και πάω να τρελαθώ
Καρδιά μου ο χρόνος σα νεράκι τρέχει
πίσω γυρισμό δεν έχει
κι ό,τι ζούμε είναι μοναδικό


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