Zagreb still has the same dialing code


Zagreb ima isti pozivni


Sjeti se okreni list pod slovo A
Ponekad sjeti se i biraj broj kraj mojeg imena

Nazovi da ti cujem glas
Nazovi kazi mi kako si
Zagreb ima isti pozivni

Pricaj mi sto se kod tebe nocu desava
Pricaj mi dal' jos puse vjetar s istoka
I jesi li primjetila
Da se klinci mijenjaju?
Da se nakon vojske kuci vracaju

Sjeti se ima nas sto isto mislimo
Sjeti se istim stvarima se smijemo

Jos se sjecam onog vremena
Tvojih ruku oko moga ramena
U usima mi zvoni tvoj smijeh
Dali ti brige miruju
I kakav novi fol u Bosni prodaju
Prije 2-3-2-8-8-7 okreni, 0-4-1

Try to align

Zagreb still has the same dialing code

Versions : #1#2

Remember, turn the page at the letter A
sometimes remember and dial the numbers next to my name

Call me so I can hear your voice
Call me to tell me how you're doing
Zagreb still has the same dialing code

Tell me what goes on at night
tell me if the wind still blows from the East
DId u notice
how the kids changed
how they go back home after the military

Remember there are some of us that have the same way of thinking
Remember we laugh about the same things

I still remember that time
Your arms around my shoulders
Your laughter ringing in my ears
Have your worries left you
and what kind of new jokes are told in Bosnia
before 2-3-2-8-8-7 dial 0-4-1...

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Njoy!!! x

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jezici     août 20th, 2012

This is a sweet song. Smile

jezici     août 20th, 2012

Nice improvement from version 1 to 2 (although I do like the word "flapdoodle" Smile ).

Goldyloxx     novembre 1st, 2013

Hahah, it was a while back so I had to go back and see what u meant...thanx for making me smile Smile