Burning desire - Love songs

Created by EnrixosfromParis on 11 मार्च 2018 | आख़िरी बार 13 मार्च 2018 को EnrixosfromParis द्वारा संपादित

This regroups all the songs when the singer expresses a real desire of having a wild night, with another person.

She found him in a club, and tries to hook him up,
she succeeds and they enjoy a real hot night,
desire with no tomorrow

अनुवाद:  फ्रेंच जर्मन

Gwen is waiting on her pilot boyfriend at home, she seems in a hurry
that he arrives because of her really eager desire of having wild fun with him

अनुवाद:  इतावली फ्रेंच

The girl just waited all week to get there, and she just can't control her anymore
in the club and is need in urgent need of someone that is going to start by
fondle her

She's willing to know him better, she wants him to satisfy her,
she wants a lover Relationship, she's open and ready for him to
share his Dreams, but for now she's just waiting, burning