Medieval songs - History

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This regroups all the medieval songs, that were actually composed at that time,
and that we received through History

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Various medieval songs

A king is at war, and his family awaits him in the castle.
His name is Renaud.
But Renaud instead of coming victorious, comes back dying,
his mother takes care of him while his wife is kept out of the secret.
Renaud doesn't want her to know, because he fears, she would want
to follow him in heaven.
Then starts a dialog between the wife who asks a lot of questions,
about unusual things happening, and her step mother, who tries
to keep the truth away from the bride.

अनुवाद:  अंग्रेज़ी

A love story between two lovers

अनुवाद:  अंग्रेज़ी

The daughter of the King Louis wanted to marry with a knight named Déon
But Louis was agains this union. Because she persisted in this madlove,
she was sent to the tower to be imprisoned. After 7 years, Louis came to visit her,
she was told she could get anything if she would but renounce loving Déon.
She prefered staying in the tower to die. But Déon came and gave her a letter
and wrote her to play the dead. she did it, and afterwards, when everybody think
she was dead, she was brought outside. Déon came with is golden knife and opened the
bag and kisses her. At this point the father had to marry them, but no one should have known about it

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According to Wikipédia:
Guillaume de Machaut, né probablement à Machault, près de Reims, vers 1300 et mort à Reims
en 1377, est le plus célèbre compositeur et écrivain français du XIVe siècle.