7azzak ya albi


7azzak ya albi

هو ده حظك يا قلبي في الغرام

مالك نصيب

واللي شفتو كير يا قلبي من غرام

اول حبيب

حتظلم حبي الكبير رغم الضمير والتضحيات

وتسرق مني الحنين وابكي السنين

على حب ماات

عشت بحلم بيك ليالي

كنت راضي معاك بحالي

واللي شفتو معاك يا غالي

مش حشوفو في حد تاني

اه يا قلبي ايه اللي نابك

من حبيبك غير عذابك

قلبو باعك قلبو سابك

قلبو عمرو ما كان عشانك

Postavljeno od Liliana* u Pet, 01/01/2010 - 00:00
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7azzak ya albi

My heart, this is your luck in love

You don't have any luck

And my heart, you have seen a lot from love

My first love

You treat my love unjust although you have a conscious and despite my sacrifices

And you steal my tenderness from me, leaving me to cry for years

Over a love that has died

For nights a dream of you is what kept me going

I was content being with you

And the things I have seen with you, my precious one

I will not see in any other

Oh my heart, why is it you weep

From your lover aside from the torture

Their heart has separated from yours, their heart has left yours

Their heart was never for you

Postavljeno od Daydream u Pet, 01/01/2010 - 00:00