Esta Ausencia tekst


Esta Ausencia

Despertar en el frío abismo de tu ausencia
Es rogar por las horas perdidas en mi habitación.
Recordar cada lágrima que fue tan nuestra
Me desangra el alma, me desangra el alma

Desandar el sendero que escribimos juntos
Es tocar un silencio profundo en el corazón.
Escapar por las brechas de un amor profundo
Es mentir de nuevo por negar tu ausencia.

Esta ausencia, tan grande,
tan dura, tan honda,
Que quiebra en pedazos
mi razón.
Esta ausencia, desnuda
de dudas y sombras,
Me clava tu amor.
Esta ausencia que duele
en el fondo del alma,
Que quema por dentro
mi sueño y mi calma

[Coro 2:]
Esta ausencia de hielo,
de piedra y silencio,
Que corta las horas sin piedad
Esta ausencia infinita
de noches y días
No tiene final.
Fue tan fácil decir
que el "adiós" sanaría
Las espinas clavadas
en tu alma y la mía.
Esta ausencia me grita
que se acaba la vida
Porque no volverás, volverás

¿Ya lo ves? Tu partida no condujo a nada
Porque nada es el tiempo a la sombra de mi soledad
¿Ya lo ves? Derrotado y sin hallar la calma.
¡Qué daría por verte y olvidarlo todo!


Esta ausencia me grita
que se acaba la vida
Porque no volverás,
y me desangra tu partida.
¡Y tu recuerdo hace temblar a mi corazón!
¡¿Cómo olvidarte si no quiero?!
¡Por Dios! Amor, sin ti yo muero.

[Coro 2]

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Sciera     Travanj 8th, 2014

You had made two entries for this, I've removed the older one.
Furthermore, I've removed the artist name and the quotation marks from the title field.

ErudiMediDan     Travanj 8th, 2014

Thanks for that! I was annoyed at how it wouldn't allow a new entry for a pre-existing song whose lyrics which were incorrect to begin with, so I'm glad it's under the correct category now.

Sciera     Travanj 8th, 2014

There already is an entry? I only noticed it now.

Then I need to ask you to move your translation to that other entry. I can correct the lyrics of that entry.
But are you sure that the lyrics you added here are the correct ones? I don't want to change them to wrong ones.

ErudiMediDan     Travanj 8th, 2014

Yes, they are correct. I make it a point to verify the lyrics through using multiple resources, including my mother—whose native tongue is Spanish—who knows the songs and can confirm whether or not the lyrics are correct. However, I noticed in the forum that if we wished to provide our "own unique translation" that we may do so, and the current version lacks the coherence which I like to have with my translations. Between missing accents, incorrect words and lack thereof, and the organization of the current version it needed an entire redraft. So, I made one, and then paralleled the translation to the same paragraph-breaks for maximum clarity.

ErudiMediDan     Travanj 8th, 2014

I understand that the website only wants a single song title under an artist for polylingual translations, and I don't mean to sound difficult or anything, but because the original lyrics are incorrect, all its respective translations are essentially incorrect (unless the translators knew the correct lyrics and just provided the correct translation in their language). However, I don't like it when the original lyrics have errors, even if it's the smallest orthographic discrepancy: many people, including myself, come to this website to both understand the song and familiarize themselves with the language simultaneously. Therefore, I uploaded both the original and English-translated lyrics so that it would be correct in English and Spanish in a format I'm comfortable with.

Sciera     Travanj 8th, 2014

It's common practice here to correct the lyrics when they are wrong and then to leave a comment beneath all translations that were already added to it.
And in this case, except for the missing accents the differences are rather small.
So I've updated the older entry now and will remove this entry when you have moved your translation.

ErudiMediDan     Travanj 8th, 2014

You shouldn't call discrepancies "small" because those "small" changes thwarted the meaning of the song significantly, and there were more than the ones you highlighted. I thought this website would've been more accepting of people providing their own, correct original and translated lyrics, but I guess not. If I have to correct all the original lyrics that may be incorrect, I'm better off going back to You Tube.

Sciera     Travanj 8th, 2014

Well, on youtube you won't get as much feedback as here.
But if you don't like the way things work here - no one forces you to stay.
When I add lyrics I try to find official ones but it should be no surprise that many lyrics on the internet contain mistakes.
If you notice mistakes, just ask a moderator or editor and it will be corrected.

I'm not fluent in Spanish so I didn't understand the whole text but it didn't look like that big changes to me.

Which ones did I forget to mention?