Words that hurt


Vorbe Care Dor


la noapte am sa plec
caci nu e usor
sa simt patul iarasi rece si gol
si glasul tau ca un ecou

o noua zi
tu n-ai sa stii
privesc spre cer
si-ntreb de ce
n-au nici un rost
iar ma indrept spre nicaieri

vorbe... vorbe care tot mai dor
vorbe spuse prea usor diminetile tarzii
vorbe... vorbe care tot mai dor
vorbe spuse prea usor
mai poate fi ceva intre noi
sunt doar iluzii

la noapte am sa plec
mie greu dar incerc
vreau din mintea mea cumva sa sterg
vorbe care nu mai cred

in fiinta mea
e o lupta grea
sa nu privesc in urma mea
si bratele larg le-am deschis
ma las purtat de vant prïn noapte


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Words that hurt

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At night - I'll leave
Because it's not easy for me
When I feel, again, the cold bed,
& empty & your voice, like an echo

A new day
You won't know
I look toward the sky & I ask why
The regrets don't make any sense
Again I point towards nowhere

Words...words that still hurt
Words spoken too easily
Late mornings

Vorbe spuse prea usor
There still can be something between us
They're just illusions

At night - I'll leave
It's hard for me, but I try
I want to somehow erase from my mind
Words in which I no longer believe

In my being it's a hard fight
To not look back

& I've closed my open arms
I let myself be carried by the wind through the night

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