Oddamy - Ramy Gamal قدامي - رامي جمال

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y96-tP5LTEQ&feature=share can some one translate in English please

Slika korisnika larosa1989
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odami tool omri ousad ini
in front of me the whole time,beside my eyes
elli bahlam bih odami men badri
what i've been dreaming of is already in front of me
mafakrtech fi hobbak leih?
whay haven't I think about your love?

ba'alna snin bnet'abel
we've been meeting each other for years
we mosh fakrin hayegui el youm nekoon ash'in
not knowing that one day we'll be loverd
we fahmin enena s'hab
and understanding that we're just friends
ba'alna snin bashoofek marra kol youmin
it's been years,i've seen you once in two days
we kont ana we enti mesh arfine
you and me had no idea
haneb'a ana wenti youm ahbab
that we'll be lovers one day