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This is a total shot in the dark... there's an old dance song called "King Pharao" by Pharao. Although the whole album is in English, there's a line in this specific song that just doesn't sound like English, nor does it sound like gibberish. She says something that sound like, "fatamah gana" or "fadama gana".

I can't open YouTube here at work (lame), but the song should be here:
And the part I'm talking about should be around 1:00 in.

I have NO idea if it's arabic... it's just a guess because the album is Egypt-themed.

Help appreciated.

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I think it is gibberish but the word, or more specifically the "sentence" 'Gana' mean "..Came To Us" in Arabic. She says that right before "Loved and adored an Egyptian prince is born" so if meant to say gana then yeah it's Arabic it;s just the Fatamah that doesnt make sense with the Gana. XD


I just wanted to add to this thread in case anyone ever comes across this and wonders what the answer is...

She sings "fata morgana", an Italian phrase that describes a distorted illusion, or mirage. Judging by the lyrics, I'm sure this is correct. Smile