Trouble while submitting translations from a translation request

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A couple of days ago I submitted a translation in answer to a request, and after hitting the 'submit' button I was sent to a translation by some other guy, who was working on the same request at the same time.
My submission did not appear anywhere, and all my work got lost. It looked as if I had done nothing at all. Needless to say, I was less than happy about that.

Now today I answered another request, and this time I was sent back to the main page of the lyrics. Again all I had typed apparently failed to register anywhere. No one seemed to work on the same request at the time (i.e. I saw no other translation for these lyrics appear after an hour or so), but of course I have no way to know if somebody actually did.

I suspect there might be a problem when trying to put a second record into de database while the previous request on the exact same song and language is still being processed (i.e. between first request submission and database insertion completion). Maybe something can go wrong if someone starts answering a translation resquest and then change his mind, leaving the database in a weird state with a half-filled translation record or something?

As a temporary safety measure, when answering requests, I decided to submit a dummy text first, and work on the real translation from the 'edit' interface.

Would it be possible to have a look at what happened ?

Thanks in advance.

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First of all, sorry that such a loss happened. Currently we are in 'beta' stage of new site version, and with limited testing resources, we are forced to do 'live' testing.

The first one is fixed, thanks for detailed report, it was indeed the two-users-fulfilling-the-same-request-simultaneously issue, and it really helped that you put in the details.

The second one is also fixed, if the situation behind that was that moderator 'unpublished' request in the meantime you did the translation request. Probably request was considered invalid. We can check it out if you provide us details with the name of request and approximate time of translation submission.

Reminds me of the days where I was actually paid to hunt bugs down Smile.

The second problem appeared a few dozen of minutes before this submission (the replacement for the elusive first attempt).
(please don't mind the comment, I was a tad bit nervous at the moment Wink)

Anyway, thanks for the quick response and fix.
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