Sir Holger


Herr Holger

Fru Tala hon drömde en dröm i natt
Vak upp här är en god tid
Att den rike herr Holger han skulle ge tappt
Den rike herr Holger

Jag drömde jag drömde om vår gångare grå
Han bar dig till tinget du dödde där uppå

Min kära fru Tala du säg icke så
Dina drömmar kan väl vakna om en åtta år

De stötte på dörren med stänger och spjut
Är herr Holger här inne så skall han här ut

Herr Holger han talte till svennerna två
I läggen gullsadeln på gångaren grå

När som de var komna till Köpenhamn
Der ståndar kung Kristian på hvitan den strand

I varen välkommen herr Holger till mig
Herr Holger herr Holger det kostar ditt lif

Kung Kristian klippte det hufvudet af
Så blodet det neder till fötterna rann

När fru Tala fick se hennes herre var lik
Så domnas hon under skarlaknen hvit

Herr Holger blev grafven när klockan var tolf
När klockan var elfva så kom han igen

Han klappar på dörren med fingrarne små
Fru Tala stig upp dra låsarne frå

Med ingen så hafver jag stämma utsatt
Och ingen så släpper jag in uti natt

Min kära fru Tala gif bonden sin ko
För i helvete der är så svårt att bo

Fru Tala gif Romman och Skromman igen
För i helvete är så svårt att brinna för din vän

Nej om jag så skulle i helvete som svan
Så vill jag ej blifva utfattig försann

Far du i helvete med svennerna dina
vak upp här är en god tid
Så kommer jag efter med möerna mina
Den rike herr Holger

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Sir Holger

Lady Tala she dreamed a dream one night
Wake up for the time it is right
That the rich Sir Holger would lose his heart
That rich Sir Holger

I dreamed I dreamed of our grey steed
He carried you to the court where you died

My dear Lady Tala say not so
May your dreams awaken after the eighth year

They bashed at the door with poles and spears
If Sir Holger is in there he must come out

Sir Holger he spoke with his two squires
"Saddle my steed with the saddle of gold"

When they arrived at Copenhagen
There stood King Kristian on the white shore

You Sir Holger are welcome to me
Sir Holger Sir Holger it will cost you your life

King Kristian chopped the head right off
So that blood ran down over his feet

When Lady Tala saw her master's corpse
She went numb under the white sheet

Sir Holger was laid to rest at twelve
At the stroke of eleven he rose up again

He knocked at the door with fingers so thin
Lady Tala slide back the bolts, let me in

With no one have I arranged to meet
And I will let no one in after the night's fall

My dear Lady Tala give the farmer his cow
'Cause in Hell it is so difficult to live

Lady Tala return Romman and Skromman
'Cause in Hell it's hard to burn for your friend

Even if I'd go to Hell as a swan
I would truly not live as a pauper

Go to Hell with your squires
Wake up for the time it is right
And I will follow with my maidens
The rich Sir Holger

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This medieval ballad tells the story of Sir Holger, a tax collector who embezzled with the king's money. King Kristian of Denmark, punishes him severely by personally decapitating him. Sir Holger then reappears as a ghost to warn his wife that she might end up in hell - as he did - if she doesn't give back his takings. However, she is reluctant, and prefers a wealthy life to a prospect of heaven - actually telling him that she will meet him in hell.

Another one of my favorites - this song gives me the chills, especially the Swedish text Smile

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Calusarul     Srpanj 14th, 2012

TrampGuy wrote:
can't delete comment? :/

What comment? This comment here, your previous one?

Interesting song.
Is there an even more authentical (older) version than this one here?

TrampGuy     Srpanj 15th, 2012

Yes, I couldn't delete my own comment, what's up with that? anyway thanks! Smile

I haven't found any older versions, then again - I wasn't really looking Smile
I very much enjoy Garmarna's take on it - I think they did a great job, especially their brilliant soloist Emma Härdelin.
Although the best part about it, is definitely the text. It would be great if someone could provide some background information about it, Gjendine (a user here) might be helpful.

The version you've added has a nice tune to it, but it seems as if the singer is not native Swedish (I might be wrong though).