A Kyoto Love


Kyoto no Koi (京都の恋)

風の噂を 信じて 今日からは
あなたと別れ 傷ついて

私の心に 鐘が鳴る
白い京都に 雨が降る
うしろ姿の あの人は
今は帰らぬ 遠い人

涙見せたくないの 今日からは
一度離れた 恋なんか


恋によごれた女は 明日から
白い京都の片隅に 想い出を捨てるの

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A Kyoto Love

I believed a rumor I heard through the grape vine,
And broke up with you today, I'm in pain,
I went out on a journey.

A bell is ringing in my heart,
Rain falls in white Kyoto,
He turns around, that person
Won't come home again, he's far, far away.

I don't want him to see me cry,
I don't want to go back to a love
I let go of once.

I just wish I could die,
Wrapped in white Kyoto.

Tomorrow, the woman muddied by love
Will discard her memories in a corner of white Kyoto,
Will discard her memories.

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