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Lil' Puerto Rican guy, well assimilated, almost a New Yorker
In my building all made of glass and steel
I go to my job, take a line of coke, a coffee

[Axelle Red]
Little Afghan girl on the other side of the world
Never heard of Manhattan
Every day I face misery and war

[R] Two strangers so far in the world, so different
[AR] Both unknown, both ordinary, but yet
[togth.] Pulverised on the altar of eternal violence

[R] A Boieng 747 crashed into my windows
[AR] So blue, my sky turned grey
When bombs destroyed my village


[R] So long, goodbye, my American dream
[AR] I'll never be enslaved by those dogs again
[R] The Islam they imposed on you was tyrannical
[ens.] Have they ever read the Quran?

Turned back to dust
Won't be the master of the universe
This country I love so much
Is it a giant with feet of clay, finally?

[Axelle Red]
Gods and religions
Civilization wars
Arms, flags, countries and nations
Always make us cannon fodder

(chorus x2)

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