The lover



تو نه بارونی نه شن‌باد.
تو نه مرهمی نه فریاد.
تو نه خسته‌ای نه هم‌پا.
تو نه از غیری نه از ما.

تو نه بیرون نه درونی.
تو نه ارزون نه گرونی.
تو نه خاکی پوشش ِ گنج.
نه یه مُهره روی ِ شطرنج.

تو فقط هستی که باشی.
تو نه مرگی نه تلاشی.
نمی‌تونم، نمی‌تونم
تو رو هم‌صدا بدونم.

تو یه روز سبزی یه روز زرد.
یه روز هم‌دردی یه روز درد.
اگه اشتباه می‌خونم.
بگو راست بگو بدونم.

تو کدوم رنگی کدوم بو.
اگه سکه‌ای کدوم رو.
که نه ظلمت نه فروغی.
نه روکودی نه بلوغی.
نکنه حرفای ِ خامم.
خاطر ِ عزیزو آزرد.
نکنه اسم ِ حقیرم.
توو کتابای ِ تو خـــط خورد.

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The lover

You are neither rain nor sand storm
You are neither salve nor cry
You are neither tired nor walking friend (Walking buddy)
You are neither stranger nor one of us

You are neither inside nor outside.
You are neither cheap nor expensive.
You are not dust on the treasure chest
Not a chess piece on the chess table

You are just to be
You are neither death nor try
I can't, I can't
call you my assonant

One day you are green and the other day yellow
One day you are the pain itself and one day you are a cure
If I sing it wrong
Tell me the truth and make me understand

What color and what scent are you
If you are a coin which side
That you are not the darkness not brightness
Not mature not amateur
Did my raw talk
upset your highness
Was my poor name
crossed in your books?

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Hi, try to make sense of these lyrics but sometimes even the great singers like Googoosh were singing crap.

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blue moon     Svibanj 6th, 2014

thank you v much the song are soooooo beauty

blue moon     Svibanj 6th, 2014

can you please change the site of video because it's made the words not clear thank you v much

Rainbow_Rising     Svibanj 7th, 2014

You are welcome, regarding the video I have no control over the video, not added by me

carnivorous_lamb     Svibanj 7th, 2014

I'm going to separate the original text from this translation, as this is supposed to be an English one.

carnivorous_lamb     Svibanj 7th, 2014

Please remove the Persian text from your translation, it's been put into the original now. If either of you have a video you'd like to add, leave the link in the original page and I'll add it.