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Pencereden gelen ruzgar,usutur beni..

Ve sonra sen gelirsin,tum s?cakl?g?nda.

Bir gulusun eritmeye baslar..


Erkegim !

Bunca y?ld?r seni beklerken

Neredeydin sen?

Hayat?ma neden bu kadar gec girdin ?


Girdin ya,onemli olan bu.

Hic c?kman? istemiyorum hayat?mdan

Ne burada,ne diger tarafta.

Hep elimi tut.

Birlikte gidelim cennete ve ya cehenneme..

Seninle olay?m da.

Gitme hic yan?mdan.

Hep benimle birlikte ol..

Sonsuzlugu tadal?m..

ve bir masal yasal?m

Zaman? belli olmas?n,yeri belli olmas?n..

Sana olan sevgim belli olsun


Try to align

No Title

the breeze which is coming thru my window makes me chilly

and then you appear with all your warmth

One of your smile begins melting

i cant resist

My man!!

when i have been waiting for you all those years

where have u been?

why havent you joined my world sooner?

its okey

now that you are in it, thts all that matters

i dont want you to leave my world ever

either in this life or the next life

hold my hand forever

lets go to heaven or hell....

since i am with you

dont leave me

be with me together forever

lets experience the eternity

and lets live in fairy-tails

indefinite times , indefinite places

my love for you become definite

MY man!

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