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the Red Square was hollow (empty)
in front of me was Nathalie walking
she has a beautiful name, my guide

the red square was white
snow mades a carpet
and i continued in this cold sunday

she spoke with modests senteces
about october's revolution
i alreday thought
that after Lenin fall
we would go to Pouchkine caffee
to drink a chocolate

the red square was empty
i have taken her arm, she has smiled to me
my guide had blonde hair
nathalie, nathalie

at the university room
a group of students
was waiting for her impatiently
we have laughted, we have talked a lot
thay wanted to know everything
nathalie translated

moscow, thw fields of ukraine
and the champs elisees
we haev mixed everything
and we have singed

and after they have unkorked ( a bottle i suppose)
we have laughed first
about french champagne (not sure about this)
and we have danced

and when the room was empty
all the freinds were gone
i have stayed alone with my guide

no more modest sentences
no more october's revolution
we werent there anymore
finished lenin's grave
the chocolate at Pouchkine
that, that was far away now

my life seems empty to me
but i know that someday at paris
i will be her guide
nathalie nathalie

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