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  • Valeriu Raut
  • Frank Lansburg
    I want the literal translation for the lyrics.
  • Hramko
    Здравствуйте, спасибо за такую основательную критику. Я думаю, точного перевода для слова "буревал" нет, раз...  više
  • Marinka
    Два лица у любви, Как и у монеты. Орлу или решке быть Кто же мне ответит?
  • Marinka
    Aquí aprende :glasses:
  • bugra133
    çok teşekkür ederim eline sağlık .
  • EizaMessi
    شكراً لك ع الترجمة الرائعة و التوضيح .. م كنت فاهمة معنى خذي الشعر من جيبي :( جميلة أغاني البحر الأسود ♡ المق...  više
  • fulicasenia
    I'm not sure what it's really "about." You could say it's about being a young person who is starting to question the conventional, accepted ideas and ways of doing things, is starting to try to find t...  više
  • Questionfinder
    how's your german?
  • fulicasenia
    Danke, Nelly, jetzt korrigiert.
  • Marinka
    Hola, Marta! Bienvenida! Добро пожаловать!
  • Marinka
    Спасибо, Сергей! "До гроба" - это сильно мрачно J) Опять у меня "и" с испанским акцентом. :glasses: исправила
  • ciliegia0
    Ti ringrazio molto, vedo solo adesso la traduzione :)
  • camilo.loayza.12
    wonderful song, translation excelent
  • Jamilet Bryant
    I think it might be. I'll use "estoque"
  • roster 31
    Very good. You missed "ciudad DE sol"
  • Fenomenon
    Yemem ben artık bunları = I wont get fooled anymore
  • Nelly herself
    Eine sehr gute Übersetzung, nur ein paar kleine Fehler, die mir aufgefallen sind :D Auf die Suche nach etwas... -> Auf der Suche nach etwas... ...was ich nicht zu Hause finden könnte -> was i...  više
  • AlmirCCR
    I am not sure what you need
  • ben.ubikim
    which language that you want to translate this song? İf it is Turkish I could help sometime
  • Fenomenon
    I think "Ah bir joker bu ele ne zaman vereceksin" means "when you(my fate) gonna give me a Joker" where joker refers to a girlfriend. "Ah ne zaman bu ele bir joker vereceksin?" this is the adjusted f...  više
  • roster 31
    ¡Un destello de espada" I wonder if it is in reference to the bullfighter's "estoque"
  • Jamilet Bryant
    Thanks ;)
  • Valeriu Raut
    Hello Tatiana, You write: "As there is no Sicilian in the list of languages I had to choose Italian." Of course Sicilian exists. You choose More languages (down on the list), afterwards Sicilian.
  • roster 31
    I'll just see if the Spanish is clear. To start: 1. I think "ciudad de sol y de flores" would sound better. 2. "te ilumina al SON de boleros". (I don;t know why 'boleros' en Granada, but it is in t...  više
  • um30
    Great translation, thank you! Minor correction, ni the third verse, it should be "world" instead of "word".
  • ahmedshugaa
    thanks for your great effort, but it's not "moon and light" it's "morning light" thank you again :)
  • Prema Bhakti
    Hahaha, this isn't french.
  • barsiscev
    Привет Наталия. "Bacaš čini" - накладываешь чары, околдовываешь, зачаровываешь zamirišeš mi - запахнет ТОБОЙ или Я п...  više
  • barsiscev
    Реально суровая вещь !
  • barsiscev
    Ну, за любовь до гроба ! очепятка тут "У оставаться" д.б. "И..."
  • barsiscev
    Спасибо, Наталия. Так надо. "Так мы жили и так живём, И будем жить пока не помрём. А если мы так живём, То знач...  više
  • Natoska
    Прекрасно! ох, уж эти неблагодарные и легкомысленные женщины в песнях страдающих балканских мужчин
  • Charlie Lenglez
    Some more corrections ;-) Pendant que la jeunesse ne sait plus où* elle vaaaaa Ça* ne parle qu'en sms, la grammaire* on ne connait plus Aller retour en prison, les barreaux* ne font plus rien ...  više
  • Joutsenpoika
    Excuse me but these lyrics aren't the transcription of what is sung in the linked video. The reason why I wanted to add this entry as an "alternative version" of the song is that the lyrics aren't th...  više
  • evfokas
    Benvenuta nel LT avere un buon tempo e molte traduzioni
  • Milko
    Merci beaucoup pour tes commentaires. J'ai fait les corrections. :)
  • carola.drent
    And we fall trough fate But we rise and rise again = En we vallen door het (nood)lot Maar we blijven opstaan
  • Knee427
    Do not repeat the original song title in the translation. That means, remove the original name of the song 'Monster' from your translation. And that applies to all of your translations.
  • Jamilet Bryant
  • Hampsicora
    Perfetto. :) Solo una piccola svista: l' uome > l'uomo
  • Hampsicora
    Thank you Jamilet, very kind from you :)
  • Hampsicora
    You are right! I mentioned the wrong floor! :)
  • Hampsicora
    Sadly I can’t agree with Rosa, I'm sorry. I think “popolana” is perfect in Italian to describe the soul of Granada as a city populated of common people - if it is the right meaning of the song: ...  više
  • Jamilet Bryant
    Very nice translation. :) Only one line seems a little off: "cercò dal terzo piano la sua serenità." > "from the third floor she searched for [peace / serenity]"
  • claire the fighter
    Thank's for the interesting information my friend, nice to meet a person who knows so much about these civilizations i appreciate. I know it's scottish gaelic. When i had to select the language i chos...  više
  • stagira
    je suis d'accord avec toi sur un fait, toutes les traductions traduisent: Hey Brother par He, MON Frere, Pourtant, il ne dit pas: Hey My Brother, Donc je traduirais déjà par: He...  više
  • evfokas
    Thank you Rosa, I've changed that part to sound better in english, I've changed it again, it's a sentence that bothers me and I'm trying to improve it
  • Iouri Lazirko
    Hi Hramko, Since you’ve requested a proofreading and your translation is not a singable version of the original, I decided to go over questionable (not exact-interpreted lines): “Серед гі...  više
  • MPsuper
    "Un corno" (literally "a horn") is a expression to say "nothing at all" Saluti e baci un corno=Goodbyes and kisses at all ;)
  • drizZle in the darK
    In the song 'Never Go Back', some parts of the lyrics are incorrect. Please correct it. Here is the correct one: Everything is so dark And I know there's something wrong But I can't turn the lig...  više