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  • Joutsenpoika
    Hello, could you add the video please?
  • kenax
    Eftersom at VEVO kanalen staver det Sivas, så er det helt i orden, og nok også lidt nemere at finde frem til for folk, som bare fandt ham på youtube :) Med hensyn til sort sol, så er det ganske r...  više
  • azucarinho
    Het bloed guts uit de wond --> gutst Een duidelijk lied luid in de kling --> luidt Een zwaard snijd door mijn schild --> snijdt De bijl snijd in de tanden --> snijdt Wanner --> Wanneer . . . Spoe...  više
  • Sciera
    Not a problem. You may want to take a look at the FAQ and the website rules then.
  • ditteoline
    P.S: Sivas staves mange steder med udråbstegn i, altså "S!vas". På den officielle fanside staver de det på begge måder. Jeg er derfor meget i tvivl, om jeg har oprettet kunstnernavnet korrekt?
  • pro_bono
    Hi, I checked a few, some of yours included. There was no change, the embedded videos are still there. I'm writing from Estonia.
  • ditteoline
    Mange tak for stjernerne :-) Når jeg genlytter, finder jeg, at du har fuldstændig ret i, at "Cognac ud på vandet" er nogenlunde ligeså plausibelt som "cognac ud på verden", da ordet sløres i ...  više
  • BuenSabor
    Your source is quite a resource!
  • Fary
    Please complete your translation, because unfinished translations will be unpublished.
  • makis17
    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!!Οι αλλαγές έγιναν!
  • Miley_Lovato
    1. (keep) 2. (keep) ...  više
  • Miley_Lovato
  • Miley_Lovato
    1.Το however μπορεί να πάρει και τη σημασία όσο.. κι αν..τόσο (όσο σκληρά κι αν είναι τα πλήγματα που δέχομαι) Όσο βα...  više
  • SilentRebel83
    There were a few typos in the lyrics: "I'll loose my mind" --> I'll lose my mind "Set him loose"
  • makis17
    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ γισ την αξιολόγηση!! Στην δεύτερη παρατήρηση θα βάλω ""το σιωπηλό ψυθίρισμα του ονόματός σο...  više
  • Puchika
    Oh, sorry! I am new here so i am still trying to figure it out :)
  • Sciera
    Please write artist names only in Latin letters. Could you please provide a romanized version of this artist's name?
  • Miley_Lovato
    However hard the strikes may be = Όσο σκληρά και αν είναι... However deep the wounds = όσο.. The silent whisper = το σιωπηλό ψίθυρο.. (ΙΧ = 9)
  • brightdovemcintyre
    I'm glad for the comment about the word sharmanka.I am sure it sounds better than the barrel organ. That is something I would not have known. Thanks again!!
  • Miley_Lovato (keep)
  • Gavier
    I'm not sure about the way the infinitive is being translated. I think in this case it would be more appropriate to translate it as '-ing'. ie Seeing the frozen river Wanting it to be spring Se...  više
  • Aclaula
    You're welcome, it has been a pleasure for me to help you :) it was difficult, because in the "rap part" there are some words that I belive are from colloquial language, and unfortunately I'm still no...  više
  • pro_bono
    This should probably be in genitive: "you're dick" >> "your dick". In a poetic text like this it's highly important to have it right... Comma, exclamation mark, full stop are followed by a space when ...  više
  • Joutsenpoika
    Title: Maître Thénardier
  • Valeriu Raut
    Hello Cyndamur, When we were children, we used to listen to stories with good and bad guys (characters). Now we are grown up and have learned that we are these guys: good and bad at the same time....  više
  • rajni
  • BertBrac
    zu 1) Ja, war natürlich Stuss: Finger auf auf der Tastatur nicht synchron mit dem Denken zu 2) Ich wollte eigentlich ursprünglich schon nah am Original bleiben ohne, aber vermutlich funktioniert...  više
  • S.S.P_L4D
    Just an spelling error,fixed now!
  • micza
    Once again - I think these lessons from the first part are good for beginners, students English speakers. However, not everyone is interested. As promised: I found the Student`s script for You to l...  više
  • micza
    Ciao Italiano! :) I think so. I listened to only 1 part, and there was a very easy level. HOWEVER, in response to your suggestion - I looking for something suitable for beginners.
  • gabrihylian
    Metafísico, ora, se pode em Inglês por que não em Português? Ele está quebrado, ou seja, faltando uma parte de si, uma pessoa que está "quebrada" (digamos aqui "triste") pode até ficar desesper...  više
  • Cyndamur
    You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  • beast-senior 810
    Unfortunately the video has been deleted, here is the alternative.
  • steinbrook
  • carnivorous_lamb
    Ana Brenda Contreras talks about her supposed romance with Iván Sanchez. They point out the rumors that her ex-husband (Alejandro Amaya, married for only a year) had cheated on her (and thus the reas...  više
  • Pedro Simões
    no, se usa el subjuntivo para indicar inseguridad expreso por palabras como tal vez, si, creo que, etc. en tu frase está indicando una certeza.
  • Enjovher
    @carnivorous_lamb. Thank you Ellen but I've changed my translation to not cause any problems. Anyway, I accept all kinds of suggestions/corrections
  • Pedro Simões
    ya, tuhan lebih penting di Indonesia dari banyak negara di dunia. keluargaku pergi ke gereja siap minggu, tapi aku nunggu di rumah karena tidak suka dengar pria ini baca buku. aku tidak tahu mengapa t...  više
  • kerakemas
    Teşekkürler!! Çok güzel şarkı :)
  • carnivorous_lamb
    @maluca- No GT used, I've seen Enjovher's work before and his mistakes are usually when translating to English. @Enjovher- "al fin ¿qué fue mi destino?" > In the end, what was my destiny? Th...  više
  • makis17
  • Enjovher
    ¡Hola! No, I don't use machines. It's prohibited for the FAQ; if it were in that way, my account already should be eliminated. I studied english, bu...  više
  • Sylvrosa
    I think you might have made some mistranslations, espesially in the end of the 4th verse. Sadly my spanish is quite bad, so I can't give you any correct translation, but I translated the song into Eng...  više
  • Knee427
    Boa tarde, Gabriel. Traduzi como 'desesperado' pois para mim não faria sentido colocar como 'quebrado' ou 'em pedaços' (como uma pessoa poderia ficar 'quebrada'?) Admito que quando traduzi pen...  više
  • xKumii
    Perfect! Thanks a lot. I'll take aa look at it tomorrow when I have time :)
  • Dirk McQuickly
    I wrote the suggestions according to the English translation when I didn't understand the meaning of some of the lines. Thanks and better luck next time :)
  • Dirk McQuickly
    "أرتفعه باستمرار" ->أتسلقه بإستمرار "أُحسّ بنفسي صغيرا"-> أشعر بأني صغير "عندما أنا في القمّة"->عندما أصل القم...  više
  • Mira Mar
    It is not a song it is an interview about Ana Brenda
  • lylaphoenix
    Thanks! Do you think it can be useful also for beginners?
  • Sapfw
    Do you know greek? :) it can be understood in many ways, but I got it like she's turning in an application and puts a " - " (which is pavla) at her age
  • Aldefina
    Thank you very much, Josh. :) I like that you like it, but... I'm sorry, I haven't noticed any rhymes. ;)