To your star


À ton étoile

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To your star

Right under the light
and silent in the shadow
If you're looking for an shelter

Know that it isn't far,
and that we shine there.

To your star

Little sister of my nights
I've been missing all this
When you saved face

For many others than me
Know that I don't forget anything,
but that we erase

To your star

Always at the horizon
of the setting suns
as we don't have the choice,

we still have the heart
You can spit, even laugh,
and you owe it

To your star

To Marcos,
to joy
To the beauty of dreams
To melancholy

To the hope that keeps us together
To the health of the fire
and the flame

To your star

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    Rujan 30th, 2012

Pretty good translation IMHO. Just a couple of remarks though:

et qu'on y brille à ton étoile -> and that we shine under the light of your star

quand tu sauvais la face à bien d'autre que moi -> that's a single sentence (you saved face in front of many people beside me)

mais qu'on efface -> the idea is to wipe the slate clean
Also the sentence sounds like "mais qu'on est face à ton étoile" (but that we face your star).

Des soleils qui s'inclinent -> "s'incliner" here means "to show submission", something like "in front of submissive suns setting on the horizon"

verero     Rujan 30th, 2012

All right. Flows good for me now with these remarks! Smile